Clients from all over the world are extremely impressed with our expertise in creating and identifying opportunities for optimum utilization of natural resources.

Projects in India

Drip Irrigation 10 acres for Mr. Tandon At: Kalhe , On B’bay – Goa h’way. Tal: Panvel. Crop: Mango,Coconut,vegetables etc.

Planning & execution of Agro-horticultural project for Mr.R. Damale at Bapsai, Tal: Murbad Area:7 acres, Crop: Coconut, Mango, Mogra etc.

Drip Irrigation 3 acres for Mr. Agrawal. At: Karjat. crop : Papaya.

Drip irrigation 100 acres for M/s KSL Agortech At: Kolad,Tal: Mangaon.Crop: Khaya (African teak) & Pepper

Planing & execution of Agro-horticultural project for Mr. Ambavane. At: Karjat Area: 10 acres Crop: Mango, Coconut, Chikoo, Khaya etc.

Designing & Erection of Polyhouse (30X100ft) and Shade net house (40X140ft) with drip and fogger irrigation at Vangaon. Tal :Boisar for M/s Pachu Roses

Erection of Shade net house for Mr. Sujay Shah AT: Panvel, Area: 2 acres, Crop: Nursery plants

Drip irrigation for Mr. Kapadia At: Karjat, Area; 2 acres, Crop: Mango, Patchouli etc.

Consultancy services for planning & execution and drip irrigation for Mr. Sanjay Jambhulkar, Wada, Area : 14 acres, Crop : Cashew, Bixa, Patchouli, etc.

E-jetIrrigation & Sprinkler Irrigation for M/s Pachu Roses, Vangaon, Area: 5 acres, Crop : Nursery plants.

Consultancy services for Planning & execution for M/s. Rosa Gardenia At:Kamshet,Pune, crop: Patchouli, Citronella, Medicinal Plants etc.

Development of Agro horticultural project for Mr. Suhas Pandit, At post; goveli, Tal: urbad, Dist: Thane. Area: 4 acres, Crop : Papaya & Mogra

Designing & Installation of Drip irrigation system for Mr. Bharat Thakkar, At post: Jambhulphada, Tal: Pali, Dist: Raigad. Area : 7 acres , Crop: Patchouli & Baby Corn.

Planning & development for M/s Belsarai Farms, Belgaum, Area : 96 acres, Crop: Cashew, Patchouli, Cashew plantation

Designing & Installation of Drip Irrigation system for M/s Back Water Farms, At post: Mau, Tal: Maval, Pune. Area ; 40 acres, Crop: Mango, Jambhul, Sitaphal, Coconut etc.

Designing & Installation Drip Irrigation Systemfor Concorde, for their farms at Alibaugh , Area :20 acres, Crop : Horticulture.

Consultancy for M/s Sylvan Farms and consultancy. At post : Borivli, Tal: Maval, Dist:Pune. Area 4 acres , Crop papaya ( 2 acres), Landscape garden (1.5 acres).

Designing & installation of drip irrigation system for Mr Dalvi, At Apti , Tal: Kalyan, crop: Banana, Area : 2 acres.

Designing & Installation of drip irrigation system & project consultant for Mr Rajendra phatak, Bapsai, Murbad road, Kalyan. Area: 8 acres, Crop: Horticulture & vegetable.

Drip Irrigation system designing, Supply & installation . Mr Lobo, at post Kadav, Karjat . Area : 3 acres , Crop : Black pepper & Coffee.

Designing & Installation of Spinkler irrigation system & Agro consultancy for Fresshlys Dairy Farms.At post: Kanharle, Tal: Murbad. Crop : Fodder, Area : 200 acres.

Erection of shade net house Area : 10,000 sq.ft for capsicum cultivation for Mr Atkare, at post Umbroli, Badlapur.

Erection of Poly house for A.K.Farms , Saralgaon, Murbad. Crop : Coloured Capsicum.

Erection of shade net house Area : 1200 sq.mtrs, Designing, Supply and installation of pond lining for 6 ponds approx capacity : 9 lakh litres of water. designng & installation of drip irrigation system Area: 300 acres for Sardar Samand Mechanical Farm , Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

Desigining & development of Landscape garden for M/s Siddharth Developers, Mumbai. 20 bunglows.

Agro consultant for Mrs Kashikar At post Nandgaon , Murud, Alibaugh . Designing & Developing landscape Sprinkler & Drip irrigation system for garden Area : 1 acre and 2 acres orchard plantation.

Agro consultant for Mr R. Anand at post Nandgaon, Murud, Alibaugh. Area : 4 acres. Designing & developing Landscape garden & Sprinkler and drip irrigation system for landscape garden 1 acre and Orchard plantation 1 acre.

Project Consultant for M/s Back Water Farms. At post Mau, Tal Maval, Pune. Area : 20 acres . Crops Mango, Cashew etc. and designing of Drip Irrigation system.

Designing & Installation of Drip & Sprinkler Irrigation system for Sardar Samand Mechancal & Agricultural Farm, Pali Marwar, Jodhpur. Area: 300 acres. Crop : Khaya, Jatropha, Citronella, Lemon grass, Guava .

Agro Consultant for Mokshya yug . designing & developing fodder production farms. Area 200 acres.

Landscape & Rain Water Harvesting consultant for KOMAF, for Residential International school, Area: 60 acres. At post Kashele, Karjat Dist: Raigad.

Landscape garden development for Hotel Grand Hyatt , Vakola, Mumbai.

Landscape garden development & Drip Irrigation System for Arch Mihir Thaker Area 5 acres, At : ALibaugh, Dist: Raigad, Maharashtra.

Preparing feasibility report for cultivation and processing of Mango & Guava for Dr. Prem Singhmar, Singhmar Acres Ltd, Canada. Crop : Mango & Guava, Area : 450 acres, Processing unit 1 MT per hour capacity.

Preparation of Project Feasibility Report for Mr Sanjay Vaidya, Area – 60 Acres, Hortilcuture crops like High Density Mango, Cashew & Guava , Fodder cultivation for small scale dairy farm unit. At Mandangad, Dapoli. Dist: Ratnagiri, Maharashtra.

Rain water harvesting project for Still Water projects , at post Posari, karjat , Pond Area – 4000 sq.mtrs.

Agro Consultant – Organic farm for ShivShakti Orchards Pvt Ltd. Area : 58 acres, Crops : Horticulture (Cashew, Banana, Khaya, Awala).

Project Consultant for Al-Kabeer Exports Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad- for developing Agriculture projects , Area 180 acres, Crops – Coconut, Mango, Openfield & Polyhouse Vegetables in 10 Acres, Spices – Ginger, Turmeric, Cinnamon etc.

Project consultant for Digital Alchemy India Pvt Ltd, Mumbai – for designing & developing cassava cultivation and processing project. Location : South Africa , Area : 1200 hectares.

Landscape garden development, Drip Irrigation system, Artificial water reservoir. For Still Water Projects, Area 16 acres, Karjat , Dist Thane , Maharashtra

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